Who We Are?

Electrical, Electronic and Solid Recycling Factory

Established under patronage of King Salman Al Saud

Jubail Industrial City

Providing a standard of excellence by converting Electronic and Solid waste into environmentally friendly reusable raw materials, following recognized authorities’ guidelines local and International. Serving Saudi Arabia and GCC countries.


During last few decades, rapid technological advancement and growth in the electronics industry have led to emerging threat to the environment.

Millions of tons of E-waste are generated worldwide every year. As they are being thrown away or placed in the landfills, toxic chemicals and heavy metals are leached in soil, water and food causing a serious environment a problem that threatens the human health.

Saudi Arabia is considered to be the biggest producer of E-waste in Middle East. In 2016, Daz recycling Factory was established Under the patronage of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in Jubail Industrial city.

Saudi Daz took the initiative of E waste recycling including all Electrical and Electronics, which will prevent the environmental pollution and the corresponding health hazard in Saudi Arabia and GCC countries.

Zamel Sultan Al sharani




Creating all win an outcome for community, environment and economy by turning waste into useful resources.


Reducing the quantity of waste by Raising the awarness of Electrical, Electronic and Solid users about the importance of  recycling.